We Won!

About one year ago Progressive Salem took on the challenge of electing three progressive candidates to the Salem City Council. On May 17th we achieved that goal in stunning fashion. Not only did we win three seats, we elected three very fine young progressives who will be able to work effectively with Councilor Tom Andersen to accomplish our vision of a Salem that works for everyone.

What was stunning about our victories was the margin by which we won. Cara Kaser won with 73% of the vote. Sally Cook won with 61% of the vote against an incumbent who outspent her about 3 to 1. And Matt Ausec, who got a late start and was up against a candidate with lots of endorsements, nevertheless won with 51% of the vote.

We achieved these victories because of the quality of our candidates and their hard work going door to door in the past several months. Our candidates won because of our Progressive Salem members who volunteered countless hours holding house parties, canvassing, phoning and the countless other tasks of a campaign. We proved our mantra: “People Power Beats Money Power.”

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