Help Continue to Build Our Progressive Majority on the Salem City Council

It was in 2014 that a small group of progressive citizens came together with a determination to change local government in Salem. In that year we were successful in electing Tom Andersen to the City Council in Ward 2. Our success led us to form a new organization called Progressive Salem with a mission to replicate our successful campaign strategies to elect even more progressives to the City Council and other local offices. Fast forward to 2018. We now have elected five progressives to the Salem City Council — a majority! This year we will work to re-elect Tom Andersen and Chris Hoy to another four-year term in Wards 2 and 6, respectively. And we will make a major effort to elect Micki Varney in Ward 8, unseating a conservative Republican who draws the majority of his support from homebuilders, developers and realtors. Want to be a part of our effort? You can start by joining Progressive Salem for only $25 per year. Once you are a member you will be invited to our meetings and canvasses and other activities to elect more progressives to local offices in Salem.


Progressive Salem Vision Statement

Who We Are
We are citizens of Salem, united in our commitment to see Salem prosper in ways that benefit all who live and work here.
We value honesty, transparency, inclusiveness and integrity in government.
We value fairness and opportunity for all.
We envision a Salem where progress preserves choices for future generations.

We Are Working For
* Local government that represents the public interest.
* Enhancement of economic opportunities and environmental health.
* Respect and fair treatment for all people.
* A community that works together to promote public health and alleviate poverty.
* Local government that both understands and engages with wider justice, sustainability, and other political issues.
* A transportation network that is safe and accessible to everyone.
* Options to power our homes and businesses with clean and sustainable energy.
* Education that prepares all youth for meaningful lives as participating citizens and that values our cultural diversity.

We pledge to work in the electoral arena toward a Salem united by this vision for our future.